Reverse Shell for Nokia 770

The "maemo" version of Reverse Shell provides pretty easy remote access to Nokia 770 Internet tablet.
The only other requrements are:

When these are set, one can launch RevSH Tunnel, connect to remote machine and then, on shell on that remote machine use revsh command line client to access N770 quite like one would use rsh/ssh commands...

The good point here is that one doesn't need to set passwords or ssh hostkeys on N770 and the access to N770 is only available when "tunnel" is opened from N770.

RevSH sources and debian packages are available at this page. Browse Maemo web pages for Dropbear ssh client.

In that page there is general information of RevSH. Please read. Finally some Notes of Maemo version of RevSH Tunnel GUI program in the version 1.93.