Singer and the Stars

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Looks like Singer, like many other car companies, used celebrities on their advertisments and promotional pictures. Here are some examples I have managed to find in the Internet.

Marilyn Monroe with a Singer 4AD. There is some other pictures from the same photography session taken by Frank Worth in  1953 in here. This picture is also included in the article "Movie Stars and their Cars" in here. Someone has even made a picture collage of these Frank Worth picture to YouTube.


Marilyn Monroe with Sammy Davis Jr. from the same session than above.


Mamie Van Doren is lowering the windscreen on a Singer 4AD. I found this picture here. I would not have recognized the actress myself.


Lucille Ball sitting on a Singer 4A in front of a poster of her movie. I got a paper copy of this picture with a pile of other singer articles and technical data when I bought my car.


Katherine Hepburn and Irene Mayer Selznick in a Singer 4AD Roadster in Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1953.

I found this picture here.