Overview of My Car Projects

Here is a brief description of my restoration projects in reverse chronological order. More information on the projects can be found by selecting the car name on the main menu. Images can be accessed directly from the Gallery Archive in the top menu.

If you have any further questions, comments, etc, feel free to contact me. I would especially welcome any information concerning Singer cars, especially Roadsters, in Finland.

Singer 4AD Roadster, 1954

  • Full ground up restoration in progress
  • Work started year 2000
  • Although 1954 model, exported to Finland April 1955
  • This car was on display at Helsinki Car Show, May 1955
  • Materials used this far include
  • ~2m2 aluminum sheetmetal
  • ~2m2 steel sheetmetal
  • 10m of 50x200mm ash plank
  • The current situation of the project can be found on the Latest Activity selection on the Singer menu.


SAAB 95, 1962

  • Full ground up restoration
  • Work done between 1995-2001
  • Museum registered April 2002
  • Two stroke engine, 38 BHP
  • Registered to 7 persons
  • Color code B3, Ishavsbl√•
  • Chassis number 6378, which makes it the 6378th SAAB 95 in existence, they did start from 1


Jaguar Mark VII M, 1955

  • Full ground up restoration
  • Work done between 1988-1994
  • Museum registered September 1994
  • Electrically operated Overdrive
  • All these Jaguars have a sunroof
  • Two petrol tanks, selected by a switch in the instrument panel
  • XK engine designed spesifically for this model


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