First Drive With the Singer

The Singer has basically been in running condition for quite a while but I just have not even tried to drive it. The main reason perhaps being the fact that getting it out of the garage required a little bit of manoeuvering and I have also have had something else to do, like repairing the SAAB engine. Yesterday I finally took the Singer out from the garage and tried to drive it the first time. The engine had been running already earlied and so it fired easily on the first try and I let it warm a little for a while.

First Drive With the Singer First Drive With the Singer First Drive With the Singer

Then I realized that there was something wrong with the clutch because it did not release properly. It took a while to find out that it did in fact release but the adjustment has something wrong since the clutch is properly engaged when the pedal is up, released when the pedal is about half way down and again engaged when the pedal is fully pressed. I need to check the adjustment, hopefully the problem is there and I do not need to open the clutch. However after this finding I was able to give the car a little spin on the yard by just pressing the clutch half way down while shifting gears.

First Drive With the Singer First Drive With the Singer First Drive With the Singer

The good thing is that beside the clutch everything seems to work as supposed. Of course there is still some adjustments to be done, for instance I suspect the carburettor fuel level may be a bit high because of the black smoke puffs also whet the choke is not on. While doing the checks before the drive I also noticed that the right front brake hose was little wet and I tightened it's connections. I need to keep an eye on that to see if it is the hose itself that has a leak.

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