Engine Trouble

A week ago the engine of the SAAB started to keep highly alarming noise during a drive at a normal city speed. I managed to get the car to a parking lot and concluded that it is better not to drive anymore. Next day the car was towed to my garage and I made some initial troubleshooting. Something had clearly been broken from the engine, possibly a piston ring.

Last Friday I finally had time to take the engine away from the car and open it. This concluded my initial diagnose. A piston ring had indeed been broken and the broken ring parts had been stuck on the exhaust port on the cylinder, as is bound to happen in a two-stroke engine, and broken also the piston. There are also grooves on the cylinder walls so the block needs to be bored to the next oversize.

Engine Failure Engine Failure
Engine Failure Engine Failure

Now I need to find new oversize pistons and get the block bored to that dimension. I think I will rebuild the crankshaft with new bearings at the same time.

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