Start And Choke Cables

The original Singer start and choke cables have a 1/2 inch installation hole on the instrument panel. I could not find any generic cables that would have this installation hole size, they all seem to be for a smaller hole and also for a thinner panel. Therefore I decided to fabricate new bezels to the cables to make the cable suitable for 1/2 inch holes and have a long enough thread to go through the instrument panel. It also made possible to reproduce the original bezel size and shape to make the cables look like the originals.

I turned the new bezels from solid stainless steel, polished the bezel and then attached modified generic cables into them. I removed the ´╗┐plastic knob from the generic cable and threaded the cable end to accept the new fabricated knobs. Below are the new bezels in variour stages, the bezel attached to the cable and fabricated cables with an original cable.

Start and Choke knobs and cables Start and Choke knobs and cables Start and Choke knobs and cables

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