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The Start and Choke knobs on my car had been replaced by some generic non-originals at some point, the two weren't even similar to each other. From the various pictures I have I saw that the original knobs are fairly simple in shape and have text Choke and Start in them. I also found out that reproductions are not available and on the other hand originals, even if found, typically have the cable stuck or broken.

Therefore I decided to try fabricate new knobs myself. First I considered turning them from solid plastic, like POM and paint them in to the correct color. But hot to produce the indented to them? Using etching to create a metal stamp to hot press the text shape in them? Maybe that would work.

But then it struck to me. I could use silicone a mold and pourable plastic molding technique. But how to produce the original, or even better, find an original knob to be used as a pattern. Once again, the help came from the NASOC forum, I got a very generous offer from Mike that he would lend me a pair of original knobs to be used as a pattern. Excellent! Of course I I was very happy about this.

Original Start and Choke knobs Start and Choke knob fabrication

 After receiving the knobs from Mike it has took me sime while to get the required materials, learn the technique and eventually create the mold. At this point I have made the silicone mold, and some test castings out from that.

Start and Choke knob fabrication Start and Choke knob fabrication Sample casting of knobs from natural color resin

Currently I'm pretty confident of the outcome. More to come...

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